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The Commons

The Student Commons at 230 College Street is perhaps one of the most important capital acquisitions in UTSU history. Spanning five floors and countless rooms, it is a prime location for events, serivce provision and community gatherings. As it stands, the majority of the bulding is taken up by study space. However, I believe with good direction, the building can be so much more than another series of quite, clinical rooms on campus.

If elected, I promise to bring in the community to decide how we can use this space creatively and intentionally to foster solidarity and cooperation. I want the commons to a place where students can come to explore campus life in a more meaningful way. This could include bookable tabling space on the second floor. Alternatively, it could mean creative spaces for bands, theatre companies, and any other creatives to get together and practice their art in an affordable way.

I also want to see services being provided out of the building including hot lunches as I've alluded to earlier. We could explore the possiblity of a free UTSU laundromat, accessible to anyone with a valid T-Card to try and save students money.

Additionally, I want the space to feel a bit more like a hub of student life and less like every other building on campus. We need partner with artsists in the student body and create community art projects that line the halls. Its also deeply important that we collaborate with indigenous groups on campus to ensure they too have a space for them.

Most importantly, the commons needs to be a space that students feel seen in. Revitalizing the committees that are tasked with planning out its development will be one of my first actions in office and I will hold regular events to gather input and find out what students want to see.

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