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About Me

My time at U of T began at the faculty of music where I majored in Jazz, Comprehensive. In my first year, I transferred over to the faculty of Arts & Science where I now study History and African Studies.

Outside of the classroom, I was the founder of the University of Toronto Scene Initiative and have been actively involved with the Hart House Student Music Committee and Demo Magazine. I've also volunteered with various grassroots organizations helping Toronto's unhoused communities.

Professionally, I have extensive experience with the UTSU's governance, serving as Chief of Associates this year. I have additional experience working with domestic and international non-profits including the Parliamentary Centre and ACORN, a low and middle-income tenants union that focuses on affordable housing.

When I'm not studying or working, I mostly play music and hang out with my cat.


Why I'm Running

The problems we, as students, are facing are very real: mental health and affordability crises, rising tuitions, few job opportunities, a punishing immigration system, the works...

I want to take the lessons I've learned within the UTSU and elsewhere to prioritize the betterment of our community. I'm tired of this organization existing as a hope sink for thousands of students on this campus. Change needs to happen. We need to stop posturing about helping students and start actually doing it.

This place shouldn't be about the execs. It should be about the good people that pay their salaries. To put it bluntly, I'm here because expect better, and the way I see it, so should you.


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